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Terms of Booking

By placing a booking with us you (the lead guest) and your booking party (guests) agree to the following terms and conditions as set-out. During your stay you agree to abide by the subsequent conditions as set-out. If you have any questions about booking with us, please contact us before making a booking.

To place a booking with us the lead guest must be at least 19 years of age. The maximum number of staying guests per room is illustrated in the room occupancy details on the website. Where the person making the booking is different to the lead guest taking up the occupation, the person making the booking may be held responsible for cancellation, non-arrival and damages as set-out within. Only the lead guest and the named booking party are allowed to use the property and its facilities, any third party visitors are only allowed access at our express permission.


Deposit payments are required for longer stays and multi-unit bookings. Deposits are only refundable under the conditions set-out here within.


To secure any booking we require the full payment in advance.


Payments can be made online / over the phone using debit/credit card as well as by digital bank transfer, paypal, cheque or cash deposit.

Any charges raised against us by our banks for handling dishonoured cheques, bank transfers or any other payments, must be reimbursed by the lead guest within seven (7) days of any request to do so.

Courtesy Policy

All guests agree to respect the privacy and peace of all other staying guests, neighbours and the owners at all times. We reserve the right to cancel a booking with immediate effect if guests are not honouring this agreement or causing a disturbance / nuisance to other guests, neighbours or the owners.

Check-In & Check-Out

At the Whale House, we use a Self-Check-in system, where you get all the details in your email, and come and go as you please.


  • Check-in anytime after 15:00pm (3pm) on day of arrival

  • Check-out anytime before 11:00am on day of departure


Bookings cancelled 14 days or more before the arrival date receive a 50% refund (minus  processing fees), or you can reschedule for a day that suits you better.  Rescheduling is always free.


Note: Once you’ve rescheduled you cannot claim the 50% refund portion of the initial booking.


Non-arrival guests, who are unable to attend or fail to attend for whatever reason forfeit their deposit paid and the full amount of the booking will be due.


We have free private and secure parking available just for you.


You may not bring the following into the guest house premises:


  • Pets (except for registered guide dogs) or livestock,

  • Flame or fire of any kind – including candles or cigarettes

    • There is no smoking of any kind in or around the suites.  For those who would like to smoke, including cannabis, there is a garden space in the back of the house to enjoy

  • Any electrical appliances and/or equipment for heating and/or cooking purposes, including devices used to BBQ.


You are liable for any damage howsoever caused to the allocated room(s) or to the guest house premises or property caused by you or any persons in your party (whether or not staying at the guest house) during your stay. Whale house guest house reserves the right to retain your credit card and/or debit card details and charge or debit such amounts as it shall in its sole discretion deem fit on the said card(s) to compensate or make good the loss, damage, costs or expenses incurred or suffered by whale house guest house inc. as a result of the aforesaid. Regardless, whale house guest house inc. further reserves the right to commence legal proceedings against you without notice.


Environmental stewardship and conservation is important to us. all our water is sourced from natural springs, is chlorine free, and better than any bottled water you’ll find on the market. Because we have a limited supply we ask you to be conscious of your consumption by doing basic things like turning off the water when you brush your teeth and limiting showers to less than 5 min. all waste is also processed onsite by our natural bio-filter, so we ask you to avoid antibacterial soap, compost your food waste (we provide all composting facilities), and keep everything except for human waste out of the toilet.


Because we’re in the witless bay ecological reserve (and because we like the planet in general) we do our best to minimize our impact on the surrounding ecosystem. We ask you to be mindful of the same during your stay with us.

Waste Management

We treat all waste onsite with our all natural bio-filter, which basically uses good bacteria to break down the pee and poop we flush down the toilet. This mean antibacterial soap is bad for our bio-filter since it will kill the good bacteria. As for what goes down the toilet, only pee and poo should be flushed. This means anything else (including used toilet paper) needs to go in the provided waste bins. Same goes for diapers, feminine products, “flush-able” baby wipes, condoms, paper towels, GI Joe figures, etc. – they all go into the waste basket.


We compost all plant based food scraps and egg shells. We provide compost bins for you to use. we use the food scraps to feed our organic garden (circle of life).


All our water comes from a freshwater onsite underground spring. It’s chlorine free, ultra-filtered, and better than any bottled water on the market. It’s also in a limited supply, so protecting this finite resource is super important. That means limiting showers to under 5 min, turning off the taps when you brush your teeth, and generally being mindful.

WiFi Fair & Appropriate Usage Policy

WiFi Internet access is provided, guests accept to use this access to the Internet fairly and appropriately. We may monitor network performance and user usage in order to maintain a fair and high level of service to all our guests.

The Internet access provided is intended for general use such as access to the world wide web, email, messaging, social media, light video / music / media streaming. It is not intended or ideally suited for heavy media streaming, online gaming, extensive downloads / uploads. Access to illegal activity or use of our network for illegal activity is not prohibited and will be reported to local authorities

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